What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology that allows your phone to communicate - at very close range - with other phones or devices.

If you have a very modern credit card, it will have NFC built in to allow contactless payments, and there are some apps out there that allow your phone to operate the same way. 

Adding wireless charging to your phone can sometimes disable or interfere with NFC. However, here at Fonesalesman we have a range of Qi receivers that can work with NFC.

Receivers that function with NFC:

- iQi receiver for iPhone

- Alpha SlimPWRcard for Samsung Galaxy Alpha

- G4 SlimPWRpatch

- N3 SlimPWRcard for Samsung Note 3

- N4 SlimPWRcard for Samsung Note 4

- S4 SlimPWRcard for Samsung Galaxy S4

- S5 SlimPWRcard for Samsung Galaxy S5

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