How does the KoolPad stay cool when charging?

When compared with some wireless chargers, KoolPad is able to charge without producing excessive heat which can overheat and damage the phone. The KoolPad is able to do this by being more efficient with the power transfer and minimising the loss of energy which is converted to heat. The KoolPad has several design optimisations enabling it to do so:

  • The Chipset and firmware is designed with functions to maximise efficiency and adapt to the power requirements of the phone and wireless receiver
  • The KoolPad is up to 74.6% efficient while some other chargers can be less that 60% efficient.
  • The KoolPad is able to charge most phones and keep their temperature under 45* Celcius. The KoolPad is designed in such a way since the safe operatin temperature of most li-on batteries are under 45*C
  • The KoolPad has trickle charging capabilities which means the KoolPad is able to modulate its power output to allow phone to stay charged charged at 100% while saving power expending minimal power.
  • The KoolPad also helps place the the device in the most optimal position by having a weak sync detection. which gives an audible notification when a phone is placed in a sub optimal position.
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